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Not only was last week Teacher Appreciation Week, which I hope you all felt appreciated with little goodies here and there, but it also just got crazy busy. As you know, I had no greater feeling than providing my teammates with little treats here and there throughout the week. As the week progressed it got fun to have the little gifts ready in the morning and as my students arrived allow them to go and deliver them to the 15 other teachers. I wasn't necessarily expecting a note back or anything, but one day my kids came back from delivering with the cutest post-it note from one of my closest co-workers! The following day she repeated the action, plus two chocolates that I had begged her for earlier in the week. It totally made my week. It's little moments like those that no one else may ever understand, but when you are living down in trailer world, totally light up our day. I'm really going to miss her next year!  

I wanted to make sure I got to show you how our nests (remember this post?) turned out. 

don't they look cute?!

I also wanted to share this awesome math activity. I learned it with our Math Specialist when she came to do Math with us one week. We recently had a 100's board painted on our black top. It's empty. 

But our Specialist is also awesome at sewing and she made these little pockets with vinyl and plastic so that you can put different numbers inside them. For this activity she placed 5's in one color and 10's in another color. 

We also placed the number '1' on the board in the corner so the students would have a basis for where to start.

We then divided my class into two teams and drew two lines with sidewalk chalk. Each team had to stand behind a line. One team had the 5's and one team had the 10's. The numbers were in a pile face down on the cement. One person at a time picked a number, found its place and went to the back of the line. If the number was put it in the wrong place, like below, then we picked it up and put it back face down in the pile for them to do again. 

(and no I didn't place it like that for the picture, a student actually did that!) - help!

The first team to finish with their numbers and have none left and have them put in the right place won. Our finding is that the team with the 10's was usually the winner. We switched after one round to see if we were right. We also used this by putting a number in its spot and counting forward or backwards. The possibilities are endless. It was a great bodily/kinesthetic lesson, as well as being outdoors. I loved it. :) I'm going to link this idea up with love2learn2day's Monday Math Blog Hop

Happy Monday. 


  1. I love, love, love this idea!!!! Could I copy some pictures from your blog to take along to teacher workshops? I'd love to show other teachers!!!!

    Thanks for linking up at Math Monday!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!! Just shared this with a teacher last night. She was thrilled. I'm bookmarking this page. ;)

  3. Sydney, can you email me? I have a question about the grid.

    love2 teach 2 day at gmail dot com


  4. Sydney, very cool idea. I bet kids in their natural creative ways will utilize the 100's grid to invent games, activities, make observations, connect geometric and algebraic ideas, ad infinitum. Every elementary school should be required to have one painted this size on their "playground". thanks for sharing.



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