I Tried Carrying the Weight of the World (a photo dump, stitch fix, and randomness)

...but I had to let that go!

Here I sit, inputting grades. Rather, avoiding inputting grades. Tomorrow is a teacher workday. We have reached the end of our 1st 9 weeks. Where did they go? Report cards go home at the end of this week. I can't believe it. Nine weeks. In a little over two months I am 20 pounds lighter, less a lot of tears, down one student (so my total is 25 at present), and down one intern. Shockingly the latter two losses actually have me breathing a tad easier this weekend. It has definitely been a stressful 9 weeks, and this culminating week was no exception.

I had been feeling a pain in the side of my stomach. I didn't say anything about it. Probably because in my heart of hearts I knew what it was. Just in case though, they sent me for a CT scan. I thought I'd make it to school for half a day, but my veins don't like to cooperate so after being poked and prodded and drinking nasty stuff, I took the whole day, came home and tried to rest.

from my mom after I got home from the dr. 

Another fun pick me up was that my Stitch Fix arrived while I was resting. Do you know about Stitch Fix? If not, you should. At first I was skeptical. My friend tried it and after seeing some of the cute items she got, I gave it a go. Here's how it works: 
1. You fill out a style profile
2. You pay a $20 styling fee, which if you keep an item (they send you 5 items) the $20 goes towards what you decide to keep. *if you keep all 5 items you get 25% off. 
3. They mail it to you (with a prepaid shipping return for anything you don't want). You have 3 days to decide. 
4. It's that easy. It comes right to you. You try it on at home. 

So I did one last May and I will say I was not impressed. I wanted to be, but nope, I didn't keep anything. I didn't do it again for a while. My friend did another one right as school was starting and she said "I can't wear this top but you can." She was right. I kept the top and get compliments every time I wear it. So I did one for myself again. 
Here are those pieces that came last September: *disclaimer, my apartment has terrible lighting, so please forgive me*

I loved this top when I saw it. But, I also knew it was okay if it didn't work on me, because it was super perfect for my friend. 

A little too big in the arms for me. I kept it because, I was correct, my friend wanted it. 

I wanted to like this, but it was a tad too tight if I moved my arms. It went back. 


This was cute and I has pinned something just like it. The material, however, was too clingy - and in all the wrong places. It went back. 

 Red wrap dress from 41 Hawthorn. I love this. I was nervous because wrap dresses are sometimes difficult on me but it worked on my smaller self. Kept it.  

This sweatshirt is NOT stitch fix, it is from Evy's Tree and it is the softest thing ever! 
 And now for this past week's (October's) Stitch Fix: 

Loved this, though I did go back and forth, but I kept it. I even wore it to school on Friday with jeans, and had to be somewhere nice for dinner and dressed it with nicer shoes. 

I wasn't so sure about this dress at first, especially since it is October and it is a tank top dress. However, after my medical stuff and getting the news that I will have some medication to make me hot, so I went with the dress. Kept it. 

I wanted to like this. I did like it. I asked for an aztec print cardigan. BUT - it's acrylic = itchy. It's heavy = bulky. Unfortunately it's October here in Atlanta and some days are still in the 80's. I couldn't justify something this heavy right now. I did ask them to try again but lighter weight. 

If you like some of what you see, you should give it a try (I'm not being paid to say this). It gets better with each one, but you are not committed to any length of time or any amount of "fixes".

And as far as the rest of school and life goes, I'm grateful for coworkers who provide these reminders. Here's to a better 9 weeks ahead. They'll definitely be more stylish.

Lessons Learned
I'm not perfect. It's okay. 
Not everything gets finished every day. It's okay. 
There are bad days and good days. 
Things could be worse. 
It's the friends who love you at your worst that are everything. Honor them. Keep them. Appreciate them. 
At least you can look good every day, and if not - LAUGH. 

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