Five for Fighting...I mean, Friday!

It's been a while, but it's been real around here. Long days in 2nd, teaching after-school two days a week in 3rd, etc. etc. 
I got a new look - like the blog makeover?
I got a year older. That's right folks, I am officially IN my thirties. CrAzY. 
My birthday was in February, on a Tuesday. I'll be honest and say I never expect much on my birthdays, especially in the middle of the week. But, this year was so much fun. I didn't do anything fancy, but my kids made the day super special. 

My birthday is the same week as Valentine's, and we do "Secret Sweethearts" with the staff. Mine got me this hat to wear on my birthday and I wore it the whole day!

 One student brought me this card/note. So sweet

Another student brought me a rose. 

A student's parent MADE me this cake. Gorgeous and delicious. Winning combination. 

A co-worker gave me this card. I say this line all the time.  

She also gave me this Thirty-One bag. I use it as my reading workshop bag. I have sight words and index cards in there and all different kinds of markers and pens. 

 On my birthday my school sponsored a daddy/daughter dinner at a local pizza place. My parents came and brought this cake. 

When I finally got home, these were waiting on my doorstep from my daddy. 

To end my 4 day weekend my parents took me out to a very nice dinner. 

And now, it's time for Five for Friday:

1. New Girl. A Coach at my school who I work with has been telling me about this show and she let me borrow the first season. I am over half-way through and I love it. There are some very funny lines. 

2. The fact that one of these opened right on my way home from work has been my down fall. 

3. These guys were/are my date tonight

4. Yet, in the meantime of all this food, the doc put me on a specific diet to try and narrow down the cause of some of my issues, so I should really be eating this: 
5. I LOVE FRIDAYS. I have been doing Science Fridays with a coach/friend at school and we have been having so much fun. We co-teach the whole day and it goes so fast. My kids adore her. She truly makes my days so much better and I have learned so much. I am actually sad the year is coming to a close because I love working with her. This morning was a Starbuck morning for the two of us. 

It's Friday, Friday
Everybody's looking forward to the weekend

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