Another activity we did in my classroom this week was something to recognize Earth Day. Earth Day was this past Friday, April 22, 2011. We've constantly been talking about the 3 R's all school year and we recycle in our classroom (I mean, have you ever thought about just how much paper is wasted daily in a school?!). A lot of this was review for my kids. I did read to them the following books: 

The Earth and I by Frank Asch (he also wrote Happy Birthday Moon)

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (also tying into learning about Shel Silverstein since April in National Poetry Month)

I still wanted to do more - something a little more hands on. I love getting to do art with my students because within the population I teach, I feel they just don't get enough exposure to it. A while ago I had seen this post on a blog I like to read daily by Lisa Leonard.

The project was to make papier mache nests like this: 
photo via lisa leonard

Isn't that pretty?! Well here I thought, great! I have paper bags at home. I have a paper shredder at home. I have the supplies. We were learning about Theodore Roosevelt and he collected nests (ties into curriculum), we're recycling and reusing. Plus it's Easter. I don't celebrate Easter, and not all of my students do either, so here was a great universal project. 

Here's how ours came out. Enjoy the laugh!

Those are my hands, they don't look like the pretty picture above, huh?

This was my student's who was taking the pictures. He felt he was "done."

A child's hands

Believe it or not this nest had potential. I'll let you know on Monday if any of the ones we saved and let dry actually worked! 

Hey at least we had some Friday Fun. And I hope you enjoy your Sunday. ;)


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