Yay for ME and Free for YOU!

 You may be in luck. I think I got the labels to work. (thanks so much Hadar for pointing me in the right direction).

Now I do understand that everyone has their own way of organizing and may not have a need or want for these. I also understand that there are many others similar to these out there. However, I began my library system with colored dots (I will try to post  picture of that soon on my blog). While that still works well, as my library has grown AND my children's reading has developed I feel there are needs for further organization. I teach in a Title 1 school with a large ESOL and transient population so the pictures are helpful. Also, on chapter book labels I put the name of the chapter book series, but underneath I put the author's name (for example: Junie B. Jones (a.k.a. Barbara Park). I want my students to begin to learn that there is actually a person - a writer, an AUTHOR - behind all of their beloved characters and they may indeed write more books than they realize.  The world of books is so fun and these are just too cute!

library labels


  1. You did an A☼M☼A☼Z☼I☼N☼G!! job on these, thank you so much!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  2. We featured your awesome labels on our blog today! Here is the link to our post:


    Thanks so much for sharing & have a great day! :)

  3. Thanks for these resources! I will be teaching multi-age next year and need to get a library organized.


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