Out sick :(

I've loved getting to read everyone's posts this past week while I have been in bed, ALL week sick. Oh and did I mention that this past week was also my spring break?! So much for living it up, huh? The nice part I was able to put my own school work out of the forefront of my mind and truly relax and get rejuvenated, in part due to some of your amazing ideas. However, I love the "You know you are a teacher when..." that I think I am going to make it a weekly Saturday post.

you are at the pharmacy and you reach inside your purse to pay only to pull out a child's behavior sheet!!!

you finally take an outing on break cause you have been so sick, and you stop at The Dollar Tree because they may have "those baskets" for math centers.

you are excited about how many tissues you have used because you have three empty boxes to turn into homemade dice for centers and games. woohoo!


  1. hahah! I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, but I love the positive attitude about the tissue boxes ;) feel better!!


  2. Hi Sydney! It's Tamara from Teaching Blog Addict. I almost have you all set up but I need your email. My email is Tamara(at)TeachingwithTLC(dot)com. Thanks!


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