You know you're a teacher when...

I had been saving this post as a Saturday type post kinda thing - but then I saw that the Inspired Apple is having a linky party on the exact same topic, so we'll just go ahead and ring in the end of the week and beginning of spring break a tad early! 

you begin to call everyone "my friend" in that specific voice. 

you are in a checkout line and purchasing 20 of the same product.

you know when random holidays are.

you have pressing the "snooze" button down to a science with exactly how many times you can get away with it and not be late.

you know how to eat a lunch in 5 minutes.

you know how to not have to go to the bathroom until the bell rings at the end of the day.

you correct others grammar ALL the time (or maybe that's just me cause I used to work in editing, but please excuse an occasional typo on this blog). 

you have dry erase marker on your favorite pair of pants and shoes. 

you go out to dinner, reach your hand in your coat pocket, and pull out a pad of post-its and a glue stick. 


  1. I HATE dry erase marker stains! Darn! Have a great day, girl!

  2. I always find the most random things in my pockets when I come home from far I haven't found a glue stick. I'm sure it'll happen one of these days though.


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