It's that time again!

Last week I decided to make this a weekly Saturday thing - a combination of You Know You're a Teacher When and What I've Learned This Week. Well now I've decided to let you join in. It can be funny, serious a little bit of both. Let's face it, our weeks all vary and that's part of the teaching community. Hope you'll join in. Here's mine:

- your back hurts so very much from standing up while giving the CRCT to 1st-graders for hours on end. 

- you realize comfy shoes may indeed be, tennis shoes.

- you must document, document, document! You never know when a parent is going to walk into a building a place blame. Thank goodness for the clinic cards you have documenting an injury. 

- you truly understand that as nice as it is sometimes to have your class be the only ones on the playground, remember the cotton commercial, "it's best when we go out in to the world to hold hands and stick together," the same holds true in teaching. It's best to stick together with a teacher buddy and someone with you. You never know when you will need another set of eyes to voice for an incident. 

- you love those Fridays when you are exhausted and your coworker is too and you decide to have movie day!

- you're worn out and out of patience, and the one child who you don't want to hear from tells you you are beautiful. 

Wow. I learned a lot this week. It was a busy one. Your turn...


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