Kids CAN Kandinsky!

 How many times have we passed by a picture or poster of this Kandinsky piece?
Well I think this is such a great piece of art for kids to try to create. Now I know what some of you are thinking, geez lady, you're not the first one with this idea! I know! But, here's the thing, when do we ever have the time in the midst of our day-to-day teaching and assessing to truly provide the appropriate time for an art project? Today was the day. 

From the minute I displayed this image from my projector onto the whiteboard my kids thought it was the coolest thing (my class loves art). So once I provided the paper we did a little origami type folding to get twelve boxes on everyone's paper. I then explained that no square looked the same, and no circle was perfect. I did an example by drawing lightly with a pencil on mine to fill in two boxes. Then I set them free. You can see how their circles looked as some of them began to paint in these pictures: 

here are more as they progressed, before they began painting I explained the the same color cannot touch. 


this project took the whole afternoon and it was so relaxing in my room (for the most part, or maybe it had to do with the fact that 5 kids were absent) ;)


  1. I absolutely think these are just the coolest! I may try these in my room next week!


  2. I totally love this idea and I am so glad to see something so different today! I have got to try this and I might just jump in and give this a try real soon!


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