End of the Year Ideas

As the end of the school year approaches, so begins the class parties, cleaning out of desks, and the rule of no more backpacks at school.

Today was our class party. I kept it simple. I allowed my kids to vote: pizza vs. ice cream cake. Ice cream cake won. Games vs. movie. Movie won. First choice movie - Kung Fu Panda; Second choice - Cars. I must be an amazing teacher (hint of sarcasm) because one of my coworkers had Kung Fu Panda. So everything worked. I told them they could bring pillows and blankets (we did that for our winter party and they loved it so they asked if they could do it today). I obliged. Another kid also brought in some Capri Sun and chips. Can we say sugar high?! 

But how cute was our cake? Remember my theme in my room was ice cream, and I even have a banner that says: "Ms. ____'s Smart Scoops. 

We've had Scoops of fun this year!

So as next week approaches what will do? How about this?

paper plate fish from Make and Takes

or these

paper pockets - you can have them say anything you like. 

I know I will be doing a few of these next week. I intend to find a few more that use objects we already have lying around. Stay tuned. 

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  1. What cute ideas! I now follow your blog :)



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