You want the truth?! I'll tell you the truth!, ch.1

I'd love to say 'I really think I'm back this time - you know, no more going 2 full weeks without a single post.' Truth be told, I am appalled at myself that has actually been two weeks.

As many of you may have remembered I said I was moving. Well, if you're anything like me and maybe you are, maybe you aren't, but all I'm saying is I'd be like, "Geez lady, yeah you've said it like 5,000 times so how can it possibly keep you from a blog? Everyone has internet these days!" Oh you can bet your bottom dollar I had internet. I had internet by 6:00p.m. on my actual move-in day.

This move was a BIG move - not like a huge, oh my gosh there is just so much stuff (oh wait, there was SO much stuff, how did that happen?) but it was a BIG DEAL and here's why:

It's always so hard to know where to start, do I start at the end of college? The end of New York? The end of a school year? Isn't it funny how where to start always has to do with the end of something? ...every new beginning comes from some other beginning's na na...

I'll try to make a long story short(er) - yeah, I'll just make it shorter.

I was a Sophomore in college, it was time to pick a major. What do I choose? English and Psych with a minor in Statistics. What? Who am I, Superwoman? Yep, you guessed it, turns out I graduated with a mere Bachelor of Arts in English (not a degree at all in Psych) and just two classes short of my Statistics minor (sometimes I think I should've stuck that one out, or maybe it just goes to show why I love math so much).

Everyone was all, "What are you going to do with an English degree? Teach?" I mean that was all anyone could say. Now if you had asked people I had gone to high school with, teaching may have seemed logical, but writing did too, and that's the route I went. I followed that path all the way to New York City after college. I moved there with a sublet for two months, no job, no long-term apartment, nada. All I knew I had was the support of my parents until a specific deadline (the end of those two months).

Let me tell ya, those two months went by fast - in every way imaginable. I searched and searched, only for jobs - most specifically in publishing but I reached the point where I would take anything. Just a few days before my approaching deadline, after having interviewed at a well known publishing house - Simon and Schuster anyone? - that I thought had gone well and still no response I spent a large part of that afternoon crying over the phone to my mom in Atlanta. Ironically, the next day there was a card in the mail from her telling me how proud she was of me and not to give up (she sure did keep quiet about that when we were on the phone). By the end of that afternoon I had received my very first job offer. As luck would have it a friend from Atlanta knew someone looking for a third roommate (I had already met her that summer). A year later I jumped ship and went to HarperCollins (jumping ship is the only way to move up in publishing) and I stayed there for another year.

It was about that time to decide what we would all do in terms of living arrangements for the following year (what would be our third together) and that's when things began to change...

This blizzard occurred ON my birthday.
tune in tomorrow for chapter 2....

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