I DON'T Like to Move It, Move It

Well, friends (apparently I am speaking to you like you are my class of second graders) - school ended in a whirlwind. Field Day (the first one was rained out, we rescheduled for the final full-week of school, we had our second grade picnic, I packed up my room and moved it to a new one within the building, got my kids' grades done and sent them all on their way by May 22nd. No tears were shed on the final day - at least not by me. Some of my kids did. I remember one of my kids saying, I want to stay with you, and I responded, but I'm not going to 3rd grade!

On my final day of post-planning I sat through a 3 hour IEP meeting to get one of my students situated in Special Education and ready to begin next school year where she she should be - that took long enough. Saturday night I stayed at a friend/co worker's who was moving to Philly so that we could get on the road bright and early Sunday morning for our 14 hour drive to Philly. We made it by 10:00 that night. I was beat. SO much MOVING!

Naturally, when I was in Philly, I found out I have to move apartments. My building was late on giving me the rental increase amount, so while they didn't hold me to my 30 day notice, I did, because I'm a teacher and I have a limited amount of time during summer and did I mention I am teaching SUMMER SCHOOL?!?! SO I went out and found a new apartment (a cheaper apartment in a matter of 2 days after returning from Philly and have preplanning for summer school). I've scheduled the movers, the painters, the cable/internet, and my parents and I have packed up my entire kitchen and almost my entire living room. Oh yes, all the while during the first week of  summer school - hours 6:30-2:30, and the midst of a terrible storm tearing down trees and losing  power for over 24 hours.

Moving is in T-5 days. This will be my 5th move in 9 years. I have moved almost every 2 years since being out of college. I am very over apartment living. I am hoping this coming apartment will be the last stop on the line before I can purchase something. I'm downsizing. I'm going with the budget. I'm paying off some debt. I'm getting real.

Stay tuned for the home tour...

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  1. Can't wait!! What are you teaching for summer school?


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