Things I always say, Linky Party

 Mrs. Bainbridge is having a fun linky:

1. "Too bad, so sad." (I say 'too bad' and they learn to say 'so sad') <--this actually cracks me up by the end of the year.

2. "I don't teach Kindergarten..." (and they fill in, "she teaches first grade!" <-- that's for when someone is acting up and I don't have the patience for that behavior). This one also cracks me up.

3. "Kapeesh?" And they say back, "Kapeesh!" so we are all on the same page.

4. "1,2,3, eyes on me!" and they say back, "1,2, eyes on you!"

5. "For crying out loud!" <-- I think I realized I said that too much, or either needed to stop saying it when one of my kids laughed and said, "my mom always says that!" greeeaaat.

6. Really? <-- yeah I say it. I'm pretty straightforward with my kids. Maybe that is why we work so well together.

Hope you will join in!


  1. Love the "I don't teach kindergarten..." I do believe I will be using that next year! :)

    Adventures in Teaching

  2. I find myself saying "Are you kidding me?" several times a day! :D

  3. Thanks for joining my linky party! I love seeing that I'm not the only teacher who says crazy things! :)



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