If you wait for it, it will come, ch. 8

 I woke up so early the morning of the interview. I even had a new suit. I had not gotten it specifically for this interview but let's face it what I had been wearing hadn't been working so why not erase all bad karma?! 

Who documents this? Actually it was part of Lindsey's What I Wore Wednesday

I got there and sat down with both the Principal and Assistant Principal of  1st grade. They asked me some questions. They obliged me by looking at my elementary art education portfolio. As the principal looked at it I specifically remember her looking at me and asking, "And your certification is already in with the county?" Oh, you betchya! My actual response was "Yes, ma'am."

Then I was taken on a tour by the assistant principal. When we got back we all sat down together for just a few more minutes and they said that they were going to have some kindergarten and 1st grade openings. It was asked which I would prefer if I had a choice. I said 1st. The interview ended and I could not have left with a better feeling.

Thank goodness because with 24 hours I received a phone call from the principal saying that the county needed new references. I got nervous. I had not worked really in two years! She said that was fine, that it could be the same references that had been submitted, they were just out of date because it had been a year since they were submitted. Phew! Luckily I was still in touch with all teachers I had worked with, plus my professor from graduate school. Done and done! Friday morning I received the official call offering me the job. I could go to the county office on Monday and have two weeks to get my room straight before I would get the kids on October 12th. Then Friday afternoon I received another call. The county wanted one more reference - from a more recent supervisor. Again, I am glad that I had taught some after school programs. My boss filled it out and sent it. However by then, it was too late on Friday afternoon. I would not start until the following Monday. The only thing it truly affected was when I began getting paid. I still went in a week without getting paid to get my room (aka trailer, aka learning cottage) together.

I keep seasonal books and MY books organized like this, making them easy to access for units and holidays

just a little anal and ocd, huh?

seriously, in LOVE with my label maker

this changed as the year went on, ya know the whole live and learn thing


  1. I have seriously been considering getting a label maker. Do you use it a lot? Do you have suggestions of what to look for?
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

  2. YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I am sooo happy to read this post!!!! Love your organization too.... I love labels as well.... makes life so much essier :)


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