Halfway There!

Do you celebrate half-birthdays with your kids (maybe not your students but your children, if you have them)? We sometimes recognize them in my family, more by mention than anything else really. However, my dad's college roommate who we remain good family friends with to this day has a daughter who I share the same birthday and when we were younger every now and then we would get to celebrate our half-birthdays together at the beach (because we live in different states, so celebrating regular birthdays never really got to happen). Well today is my half-birthday! And I always remember what is the 6th month from another month because a teacher of mine had them set up that way (six and six, rather than in one long list - so August was always next to February for example). Anyway, these six months lead up to the big 3-0. So, since I have finished having my pity party from last week (kind of, last night I had a small break down) - it's high time I get busy living (wrong movie I know, but Morgan Freeman was in both of them)! Without further ado, here is my list, written to myself. (and if you are really looking for a teaching aspect of this particular post, this would be a great writing activity, especially even in the form of writing a letter to themselves).

Part 1. Small Things
1. Get off your behind and get it back in the gym - you didn't lose 55 lbs. two years ago for nothing! Plus you live on the same floor as the gym in your building. Seriously? Zero excuse. 

2. Meet People. I know it's scary, but can we at least try?

3. Get dressed every day. Duh, it seems simple and I know it's comfortable to lay around in pajamas, but I think it's nicer to actually get dressed. 

4. Put on  Okay, we will work on getting dressed and out the door before we actually deal with the makeup part. I mean, maybe having a job helps with all of that. 

5. Keep doing what your doing - the perfect job will come, well I don't know about perfect, but clearly we like routine so one is bound to happen. 

6. Pay off ALL bills - that may take a while, again the job thing will help with that cause the whole paycheck thing helps with that.

7. Keep being creative ALWAYS.

8. Be yourself always, no matter how anyone else makes you feel.

9. Read more. You used to like it.

10. Shop less <-- I seriously just typed that?! But I think it will help with some other numbers listed above.

Part 2. Big Things.

1. Take more vacations, you used to like to travel. Do it again - Jackson Hole, New England, Vancouver, Portland, Australia, New Zealand

2. Hike

3. Raft.

4. Maybe, maybe attempt to go back up in a helicopter with Ryan (maybe) *note for readers, my brother is a helicopter pilot in Alaska, first time up with him, I got sick :(

5. Go Visit Ryan in Alaska

6. Do a half-marathon or triathlon, or something to that effect.

7. Learn to sew with a machine

8. Learn to be more handy.

**This remains a work in progress..perhaps a more official one will be available in 6 months and some of these items will have been taken care of. 

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  1. Happy half birthday. Hope you complete your bucket list and more.


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