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First and foremost I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words the other week. It took me a good week to get out of that slump. Okay, I'm not gonna lie they are kind of like humps - some days I'm up and some days I'm down. Most days I am up. How's that saying go, If you don't laugh you'll cry. I prefer to laugh. 

The county I worked for last year does some tutoring and they called me about that - Great! You need Middle School certification - uh oh. 
Well I am taking the tests for it (I still can't believe you can just take a test. I mean here I sit with a Master's--------oh, sorry that shpiel is for a different time) - it's this weekend. Cross fingers. 

Same day I signed up, my old school called and asked if I could sub for two weeks. YAY and fabulous. Yes, on one hand it feels a little weird. I mean, I taught there just last school year. But on the other hand, I will be familiar with the school AND I will get to see my kids from last year. SUCH a special treat. 

As a teacher, I was super organized and anal when it came to subs (shocking huh?). I had a 'Sub Tub' and inside were stacks of extra sheets, just in case. Then there was also a 'Sub Binder' inside. 

The first part of my Sub Binder came from Persnickety Pickles:

and the meat of my Sub Binder was from PreKinders:
You have got to get this download ASAP. Some pages I deleted, some I made my own, but basically all you have to do is plug in your information and your are set - year after year except for changing out names and schedules. I LOVE this resource. Subs probably thought I was bonkers, but ya know what anything they needed was right there. Of course, each page was put in a plastic page protector. 

The very final page was the "while you were out" page that is in Persnickety Pickle's packet (try saying that 5 times fast!). However, n one ever left me a note of how my kids did. When I subbed before I got my teaching job, I always left notes, or if I was friends with the teacher I told them and they said that is why they loved having me as a sub because I did what they were supposed to and didn't let the kids get away with stuff. I, also, personally like to know how my kids did. 

So here's the question: Do you like to have a note from your sub or could you care less?

I missed my follower milestone the other weekend, but to those of you who are new here, you will notice that I am kind of random at when I celebrate YOU, because as always I appreciate your being here, reading, and joining me on this (sometimes) crazy ride of teaching and learning, er I mean life. 

So for those of you who told me last time how much you liked Lindsey so much - you're in luck. I snagged an adorable tiny pouch (this is the one I said I use to keep my teaching ID and all my teacher cards inside, ya know from Staples, Office Depot, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

To enter please leave one (1) comment below with an answer to the substitute question posted above. 
This giveaway will end on Thursday, August 18, 2011 (8/18/2011) at 9:00 p.m. EST.


  1. I feel a little stalkerish being the first comment, but hey, I'm on summer vaca! haha! I ALWAYS left a note when I was subbing and I ALWAYS expect my sub to leave one too. And a meaningful note, not just, "the day went well". It's hard to be out of the classroom as a teacher so its reassuring to at least have some idea of what went on while you were gone. P.S. congrats on getting some work!! I have a good feeling about it :D


  2. I also left notes, and tried to make them as detailed as possible. I hate coming back to a "all was well" note and then my kids tell me all the stuff they did or didn't do. I could not believe a sub who left a note that she did not follow my plans at all because the kids told her that's not how they normally do things! That is why I left the plans - so you would know what to do!! I really like to know what happened and if you couldn't follow the plans why. since I teach in a resource room sometimes they pull my sub to cover other rooms and no one is in my room all day, I wish they would at least leave a note saying that's what happened! Thanks for sharing your resources with us!

  3. I always left a note for the teacher, especially important info. I love for my sub to leave a note just so I can be prepared if something happened that I'm going to need to take care of or see someone about. It makes me nuts to do all that work for a sub and then they don't really try that hard to get much done during the day!

  4. I always like to have a note from a sub, so I know what happened during the day and if I can expect any phone calls from parents. I also like to praise my students when they do well with a sub.


  5. I would DIE if I didn't have a note from the sub. I would probably end up asking the kids (since we all know they can't keep a secret), "So, how was yesterday? Did anything super crazy happen?" --- Guess you can either call me very caring or very compulsive ;)

  6. I have a space on my sub form asking for feedback about the day and my plans. I really want the day to go smoothly, so the feedback is very important to me.

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  8. I like to get a note from the guest teacher, but like those above me, I want it to be meaningful. There are days that I come back and they have written me a 3 page note with arrows and a flow chart of all that they did that day. I just want to know which kids were helpful and which ones needed some redirection while I was gone.

  9. I do want a note from the sub letting me know how the lessons went, what they didn't get to, what students were helpful or not so helpful. Its my way of improving for the next time I need a sub.

  10. I love to come back to a clean classroom with a detailed list of students who were helpful and troublesome. I thibnk this sub folder packet is great. I leave a slip of paper in my sub basket with all the resouces they need for the day. It is always a plus to get good feedback!
    -Lauren or visit my blog

  11. Pretty much I don't care, unless something quite significant happened that I need to follow up on. Otherwise, it's pretty typical: those who are great for me are usually great for the sub and those who push my buttons do the same to the sub.

  12. Love having a note from a sub!
    They can let me know if lessons were successful, if students were engaged and following rules, and I like it when they let me know if the lessons and plans I left were appropriate to keep students engaged and working!

    Renee Stewart

  13. I LOVE a note from my sub! I leave a page for them to fill out to encourage them to leave me a note!

    I'm loving some of the resources you posted to add to my sub binder. One think I hated as a sub was walking in to a room with no plans. I would rather have too much planned for me, than nothing there...

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Hall's Fab Firsts

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  15. reposting...I definitely like to have feedback from the sub! I do expect students to respect the sub and follow the classroom rules and procedures when I am out. We talk about this before I ever have a sub. I think it's important to follow through with children who may not have made the best choices in my absence, and praise those who did.

    Primary Practice

  16. Like the other posts I also like a note from the sub on how the day went. What they were able to get to and what they weren't. Overall behavior and if there was anything unusual that happened that I will need to follow up on. I also talk to my students the day before and we discuss what is appropriate behavior and that even though I am leaving directions for the sub, that the sub may do somethings a little different and that is ok. This usually helps those students that have trouble dealing with change.

  17. I need a note from my sub...I want to know who made good choices and reward those students...and have some talk time with the others. I want to know what went well and if I could make changes for the next day I need to be out.


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