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Hey guys! Just a quickie tonight...I said a guest post today, but it may get up tomorrow.

I am sure you have seen variations of these all over the place, with the original being these adorable ones over at The Teacher Wife's Blog:

But for the last week or so I have really been needing my kiddies to be able to practice it on their own, not just look at it. I needed them to be doing the manipulating with the words. Enter a cut and paste activity of their own. I whipped these up last night. A few of the teachers I work with liked them as well and asked for copies. If you think of words you would like to see on here let me know. 
Add or Subtract Cut and Paste

 Also, since we are into November already I wanted to let you have one of my all-time favorite activities to do each year - How to Bake a Turkey. This ties in perfectly with How To writing. What the Teacher Wants happens to have posted some very similar templates as well just today, but mine is written in recipe form (it's a slightly older version, maybe I will update in the next week or so). Each year I compile a class cookbook. I will have to find last year's and the others and show you some, they are hilarious, especially when you allow the kids to spell phonetically. Enjoy!
How to Bake a Turkey

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  1. I enjoyed this a great deal. I just posted on math and Hanukkah at my blog - my first posting on math and now I'm enjoying reading what others post about math. Yes, we can still be using different intelligences and engaging the senses while making it fun!

    - Lisa at ateachersbagoftricks.blogspot.com


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