They Found ME and some Place Value (Printable)

 I hope everyone has been having lots of fun with all of the Fall and Halloween activities that have been posted everywhere. I know I have. My math friends have been loving all the little games and centers we have been doing. In fact, I think I got the best compliment last week when someone (an adult) told me I should do EIP full-time (remember, that technically this is just a long-term sub position for me, but I have just been extremely fortunate to be able to do it at the same school where I taught last year and all the kids who I serve are mainly first-graders, which means I get to work with my same teammates from last year). She said I am so patient with the kids and I never just hand them a worksheet but that I always have something creative for them. That compliment meant so much. I can only hope that the students are getting as much out of it. Some days I think they are and some days I am not so sure. One thing we have been working on a lot is Place Value. I made some place value folders. At the moment, I do not have a picture of my cute little ones I made (but I think they are adorable!). I learned about them originally from my friend over here.

I met this amazing teacher the year after I student taught when I was doing another long-term sub gig at that same school in 3rd grade. She is awesome. I have seen similar items on other blogs, but for me this is the original! ;) I will try to post a picture of mine tomorrow, but again because my kiddies are first-graders I just used two sides for tens and ones. The possibilities are endless. I did make this little cutie to go on the front like a label. Use it if you would like. 
Place Value Folder Label Oh and for giggles, here's me as Waldo yesterday for "Story Book Character Day." I seriously could not find a red and white striped shirt anywhere and then Sunday morning I found the one I had on at Target for $9.99 which seemed a lot easier than painting stripes on a white one. Ha. (Man, I looked nerdy!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a guest post. 

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  1. Love your costume.
    So, glad to hear about your compliment. Funny, how teachers need praise just as much or almost more than our students do. :)


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