Catching Up and Slowing Down

 Are you still out there? Do I still have readers? Maybe you all have been as crazy bust and as overwhelmed as I have. Yep, that's what I am going to go with. It's been so hectic in your life that you hardly noticed I went AWOL. Or maybe that's not so good either. You should miss me, right?! Eh, whatever (seriously, if you knew in real life - ha it cracks me up when my little kids at school say "for real, for real life!" - but if you did know me, I am the whatever gal, in the most sincere and heartfelt way of course. 

So it really has been a whirlwind. We got out for Thanksgiving but not before we had time to learn all the steps in order to graph and survey. Just look at how cute it came out on my two different first grade halls!


they had so much fun going around and making tally marks on their little survey, and even getting to ask our principal!

my favorite response from this hall: pickt = picked :)

AND the other hallway group:
With this group of 7 I was able to truly go through the process step-by-step, which I knew their math teacher had also been emphasizing as well. I also really let go and let it be as much  done by the kids as possible (huge step for me). 

 the graph (see the uneven spacing kills me, but they did it!)

step 1: Ask a question; step 2: Collect data; step 3: Sort the data; step 4: Graph it

step 5: Think - what did I learn?

And again, my favorite response is the one in the top left: "I learned that no (now=no) teachers pikt (pikt=picked) chicken."  Oh my gosh this little girl is so adorable. She was missing a period at the end of her sentence when she first wrote it, but note that at the end she was sure to write her name on the side. To prompt for the period I always say, "what goes at the end of the sentence?" She looked right at me and in her small little voice said "Kelly!" Oh, they light up my life. 

With my reading groups I just wanted to show you how adorable our little Bossy R Books came out: 

The kids were so excited about these books. You have got to go check them out over at Funky First Grade Fun!

Now I am thrilled we made it through the holiday fun (don't worry, I've got more to post). Stay tuned for a little exciting news in my life (some of you have been waiting for it). In the meantime, thank goodness for winter break and some break time!

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  1. Hey Sydney! It is so nice to see you again!! I feel exactly the same way--it's been a wild and crazy start to the year and it hasn't stopped yet. Hope we can catch up more soon over the holidays! :)


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