Winner, Winner, How Could Y'all Not Let Me Remember?

 Seriously?! This post! This post was done over a month ago and I incorporated a giveaway. I posted this right before I began subbing, then I had a small blogging hiatus, then some more subbing, and well just go ahead and fire me. But, if I have some loyal readers who did enter that giveaway then here we go - and just for you I went ahead and chose TWO.

Winner 1, who will get one of The Pleated Poppy's Tiny Pouches is #7: Amy said...
I do like a read a short, to the point note about behavior. I do like to get feedback on my lessons. I want the sub to feel comfortable in my classroom.
Winner 2, who will get one of The Pleated Poppy's zippered pouches is #2: Amy said...
I also left notes, and tried to make them as detailed as possible. I hate coming back to a "all was well" note and then my kids tell me all the stuff they did or didn't do. I could not believe a sub who left a note that she did not follow my plans at all because the kids told her that's not how they normally do things! That is why I left the plans - so you would know what to do!! I really like to know what happened and if you couldn't follow the plans why. since I teach in a resource room sometimes they pull my sub to cover other rooms and no one is in my room all day, I wish they would at least leave a note saying that's what happened! Thanks for sharing your resources with us!

Amy(s), I don't have your email(s), so if you see this, please send it along. I hope this works and if not, I will do another one soon to make up for it, I promise. 


  1. Yeah!! I can't believe I won!! Honestly I've entered so many giveaways this past couple months I lost track of when they expire and sometimes remember and go back to see who did win!! So we are right there with you in being to busy to remember!! I am winner #2!! I love my sub binder - it is going to come in handy since I have a split position this year, working in two buildings can be tricky!! Thanks again for sharing with us!


  2. I'm stopping by to present the Versatile Blogger Award to you!!

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