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Happy Tuesday. I'm linking up with the Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday.
I'm very passionate about teaching science and making it as hands on as possible. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed putting them all together.

I've marked my two newest products down 50%.

The first one is my Phase of the Moon Match Up.

This set of vocabulary cards contains 3 differentiated versions so you can pick and choose for the needs of your students. Each set (1 page of the names of the phases and 1 page of definitions) also contains a printer-friendly black and white set. You can use these cards to play memory, as a simple matching game, or as vocabulary cards for an interactive notebook. 

The other product is my interactive notebooking for the phases of the moon, These are the Phases of the Moon!

This is an interactive notebook for science about the phases of the moon. All pieces in this are differentiated to meet the various needs of the students in your class. 

For the front of the flipbook there are 4 options: 
1. The flaps have both the name of the moon phase and its image. 
2. The flaps have only the images of the moon phases. 
3. The flaps have only the names of the moon phases so your students can draw their own image. 
4. The flaps are blank. You can use the labels from the following page to have your students label the phases in order - or - you can have your students write and draw the names and images. 

For the inside of the flipbook there are 3 options:
1. The inside flaps have only the definition of what each phase is. Your students can draw an image if you'd like for them to. 
2. The inside flaps have both an image of the phase and its definition. 
3. There is a blank page for inside flaps so your students can write their own definitions. *You may not need this page if you want to glue the top page down and have students write directly in their notebook. Otherwise this page would need to be glued down first and then glue the top page on top of the wide strip for the bottom page. 

There are challenge pages with 3 options (these pages have everything mixed up and out of order): *This could make a fun assessment. 
1. There is a page that has the definitions with the images but they are mixed up and put of order. 
2. There is a page that has only the definitions and they are out of order. 
3.There is a page with the labels for the front that are mixed up and out of order. 

I hope everyone is having a great day. Go to The Teaching Tribune to check out all the other products that are on sale today! There are some talented bloggers and teachers. 

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