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It's July! I'm linking up with Farley. Come join in.

Okay so I put this all together this morning before summer school and then ran out of time, so we'll go with it. 

Listening: self explanatory but if you must know, at this very moment I am listening to Law & Order SVU and am about to listen and watch General Hospital (It's my vice but I love it). 

Loving: tomorrow is the last day of summer school. I have worked til 3:15 every day and then my mom meets me and we go down and work in my trailer til about 6. We're exhausted since it's be in to 90's temperature wise. 

Thinking: I need to take some time off of school stuff. But the brain just can't. How do y'all unwind from school?

Wanting: it to be July 7th. My new niece or nephew arrives that day. I'll be an aunt for the third time and am just as excited as the first. 

Needing: to finish getting the trailer set up. I want to walk in at preplanning and be done so that I can actually plan (oh and we go back July 29th!). 

4th of July Plans: Nothing. I intend to sit by the pool, or better yet float on a raft in the pool. Maybe partake in a delicious drink ;)

I am also linking up with Courtney at Ramona Recommends

I want to share a book from my hometown that is very special to me. My friend Jenni illustrated this book. Jenni is an artist and art teacher. I met her years ago at an art festival. I made a purchase from her and from then on I have continued to make purchases but we have become friendly. I would see her at numerous art festivals. She even got me to submit my stuff and be in one, so that was fun. I've been to her house for painting workshops. It's such a great outlet for me.

When my Donors Choose project funded this summer quicker than we were thinking some people hadn't had a chance to donate. Jenni decided to donate one of her books.

I was so excited when this book arrived. I know that sweet orange bunny, Clementine!

She wrote the sweetest note.

The book is about a bunny who doesn't like reading because it is hard for her. Through a lot of practice and the help of patient teachers she begins to learn to read and may just discover that reading isn't so bad. 
The author of this book has children who attend the Atlanta Speech School. This book was created for part of the art portion of the annual Language and Literacy Gala. The profits from this book benefit the Atlanta Speech School's scholarship fund. 
You can purchase the book on Jenni's blog on the right sidebar. This is not an advertisement, but Jenni was so sweet to me and I absolutely loved the sentiment behind this book, especially since I had rising first graders this summer and they need a lot of help reading. 

I hope you'll come back tomorrow. I have some exciting news!


  1. Hi!

    I found your blog through Farley's linky! I am definitely interested in seeing how everyone unwinds from school. I am exactly the same - I find it so hard to get my mind off of school! If school isn't in session, I'm always thinking about school or creating something new for teacherspayteachers! Maybe your pool visit will help! I definitely would be hanging out at the beach for 4th of July if it wasn't for the tropical storm heading towards NC!! Have a great holiday!

    The Math Nerdette

  2. I'm with you. I just can't stop thinking about school. Great blog - I just found you through Farley's currently.
    Click below to stop by my blog and say hi!
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog! Although I always think I won't do anything school-related during the summer, it never lasts more than a few days. I can't turn off the "teacher brain," no matter how much I might want to just relax. I think being a teacher is just how I'm made. Carol

  4. I thought we went back early! Ugh... We go back early August. July 29th? Wow! I also taught summer school and just finished up so I know how "rushed" everything can feel!

    I'm glad I found your blog via Farley's link up! Hope you enjoy your time off & get to spend some time with your new little niece or nephew!

    Happy Fourth,
    My Shoe String Life


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