Falling in Love with Text Structures - Chapter 4

 It's week 4 in our Close Reading book study and I'm back, linking up with Diana at Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching.

1. Figure 4.2 refers to a chart. It is the same type of chart that has been shown in every chapter of this book with the process: Reading through lenses, Use lenses to find patterns, use patterns to develop a new understanding of the text.
What changes in the chart each time is what we are reading for (i.e. word choice, nonfiction, fiction, and in this case, structure). In terms of how this may compare to my current instruction - I found this very similar to teaching about author's purpose. However, this appears to take it a step further. Instead of just determining if the author wrote this to persuade, inform, or entertain, what techniques did the author use? I believe that in order to look for this in close reading you need to also be able to understand this in writing - themes, central ideas, a character's development. I see them being very much related. I think students need a foundation of these terms before they can begin to tackle this piece of close reading. 

2. Again, as a lower (or primary) grades teacher close reading is new(er) for me. I think this made me realize there is a lot of this I don't do with my students but that doesn't mean they aren't capable. These are terms and concepts we touch upon, why not go just a tad bit further with them? It can only help our students in the future!

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