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It's another Friday and I'm linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday.

I had put this on Instagram with the caption "Ain't nobody don't like a parfait!" #Donkey
Please tell me you know what movie that is from. Anyway, I felt so accomplished having that ready for summer school pre-planning this past Monday. It's Greek Yogurt (plain), with a little bit of honey, vanilla extract, and a splash of orange juice. Then it has walnuts, orange, raisins, and I added some peaches too (I'm a GA girl after all) - all fresh and very refreshing. Oh and that's right, for all of you still in school or maybe you just finished, don't feel too bad because I'm headed back on Monday. 

I knew something felt a little off Monday afternoon and my doc squeezed me in bright and early Tuesday morning. Sure enough, I know my body. So while I was at home resting, my Stitch fix showed up. Now my last one was a good one but the fit was off slightly on most pieces (but I loved the style) so I had high hopes. They nailed it. I kept everything. I've never kept everything. I asked for flowy pieces, maybe even some dresses or skirts for the Atlanta heat and humidity.  Here's what I got (excuse the pictures, my apartment has the worst lighting, so I took it to my parents and my mom took the pics. I told her, "no face!")
This was my favorite! I love the color and the detailing. It even goes down the side, if you can see. To teach it needs a tank/cami, but to go out it'd be fine either way. 


This is very loose and flowy, like I can see a kid asking if I am pregnant - but that's more because they are kids. I have on jeans in this pic. But this will be awesome with leggings, which they suggested. The cardi is also stitch fix and what teacher doesn't love a cardigan?!

I was a little torn on this dress, but the straps are perfect, they cover everything. I think I just need to add a belt for a pop of color. What do y'all think?

I was going to send back the green shirt. It hits a little too high for me, but it was cheaper to keep it (by $2) than to return it. Nice job Stitch Fix. Nice job. 

These mugs I ordered also came this week. This one makes me laugh. 

You see it? It says, Too Legit to Quit. 
Have you heard of Mulberry Press Co.?
I originally found her because of the Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Four days ago I sent an email out about my Donors Choose project. It started at $1452. As of this morning it has $216 left to go. I am amazed and humbled. 

If you wish to donate and help me cross the finish line, my project is still in the matching phase until Tuesday, June 10th with the code 100WOMEN. Click on the picture above to be taken to my project. 

I'm focusing on this a lot this summer. 


  1. I love your last quote Sydney! I tried Stitch Fix and did love some of the pieces I received. Unfortunately I am hard to fit and everything was either too loose or too tight. I may try them again, though because I am seeing so many bloggers having success! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am going to go get one of those mugs!

    Your Stitch Fix was so cute! My first 1 was amazing, a few fit issues, but I loved it. And then my second one NOTHING fit. I was so bummed. I think because they have gotten so popular they had to switch my stylist. I want the old one back!

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

  3. I love Stitch Fix! My first Fix was amazing! I got another one this week, and it wasn't quite as good. Another person in the comments got it exactly right - they changed my stylist. I think that's the problem! It's good to hear that other people enjoy their Fixes though! I'm trying to spread the word that I'm trying to start a new weekly linkup called Sell It Saturday. I thought you may be interested in joining. I just did the first post today! I'd love for you to join in! (P.s. Is it from Shrek?)

    Teaching In A Nutshell


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