Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes


I bit it and hit it hard. 

I had been out of school for a week. I think I had been in denial. The last days of school I really held in my emotions. I had been sick and was on round two of antibiotics. 

Down for the count. The win goes to Sydney. Z-pack, you're worthless. 

14 days later, I was back in the ring. My eyes were as red as could be. No, not allergies. I was balling, but it was not even as I said goodbye to my students from this current year. I made the rounds to my students from last year and said goodbye. I took a picture with each of them. Pictures don't lie. Maybe Photoshop does, but I wanted the real, raw memories. I wanted to see my love for these kids and the sadness I had when I had to say goodbye yet again, because of no contract for the fall. Same story, different summer. But this summer would be different. I was determined to enjoy it.  

What is Calling You?

Finally, my "Summertime Friend," Tara, was done with school as well. We decided to have some fun. That night was truly the most fun I had had in a very long time. I was relaxed and laughing my entire way through the night. 

Until I realized I was tired. So we began to walk back to her place. It was cool out. She began to run. I began to mock her. 

Ka-BOOM. It hurt like crap. Right in the middle of an Atlanta sidewalk all jagged and messed up. I had a feeling it would hurt even worse the next day. But me? I was laughing hysterically, like one of those hyenas from The Lion King or the way my niece used to laugh when she was first learning how (ironically, I was running like my niece did when she first learned how when I fell, no wonder it's cuter when you're 13 months old). 

Then I stood up. 

There was blood, and a lot of it. 

I looked around. 

My arm. There was literally a hole in my arm. 


I was sober. No more laughing, no more running, and no more numbed pain (maybe a tad). "We have got to get to an ER." 

We walked even faster to the car all the while holding my arm up in the air and holding it together with my other hand. "I NEED a towel!" Tara handed me a stack of napkins. Gree-eeat. Thank goodness Anthony ran to get a towel, unfortunately he chose red. 

Red + Blood = NO. 

We walked into the ER. Holding my arm. Blood dripping. The lady said, just as calmly as someone who works at McDonald's, "May I take your order?", only the words were just as calmly and routinely spoken, "sign in and have a seat." My face said, "Are you for real? I don't see anyone else out here bleeding and I have a hole in my apendage." But I sat. 

*note, the towel is just red in nature, but you can see blood

I tried to smile through it. I even sang, "Ya got blood on your face, ya been disgraced..."
But I knew it was bad. 

The nurse called me back. Alone. Just some triage to get cleaned up a tad so the doctor could see me. "Have you been drinking a little bit tonight?" Well, I'm very sober now. "Cause you're a little emotional" Oh really, that's nice of you to notice that the first time I have shed three tears the entire night is while I am alone and you are the first deemed medical professional looking at my arm as I ask, "Do you see bone?" I'm emotional am I? How nice of you to point out. 

still haven't been seen by a doctor

Back in the waiting area and clearly, a complete basket case - I got called back to a room, my parents arrived, my mom watched intently, and she let me squeeze her hand like crazy as they injected pain meds with a 5 inch needle (that didn't completely work at first and I "felt" I needed more - as I said "I FEEL that!") and stitched me up. One stitch internally, and 5 externally, then taken for an X-ray (thank goodness nothing was broken). I continued to bleed. We waited to be certain it would clot. At 4 a.m. we finally left. That was only the beginning of a long recovery.

the palm of my hand finally beginning to heal after over 2 weeks

5 days after the sutures were removed (2 weeks out); the beginning of an infection

3 weeks out; after a round of antibiotics for infection

My mom reminds me there is always plastic surgery. <3 her. 

Lessons Learned: 
Most falls, be it children or adults, happen when wearing flip-flops. 
Flip Flop are dangerous. 
Do not pick any scabs.
Mederma, Bactroban, antibiotics, and pain medications are wonderful.
Cetaphil makes an antibacterial soap. 
BE your OWN advocate.
We all stumble.
We all fall - be it literally or figuratively.
It hurts, whether it leaves a scar physically or emotionally.
Sometimes with a great story.
In the end, it's not whether we get knocked down, but rather in whether we get back up  again.


  1. Ouch! You poor thing. Hope you are on the road to recovery. Not a great way to start off your summer vaca.

  2. WOW, Sydney.
    That looks brutal.

    Glad you are on the mend...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. Oh my gosh Sydney!! I haven't talked to you in an EON!!! Are you doing ok now??? I can't believe that happened to you, you poor thing!

    What's up with the blog roll, it just disappeared all of a sudden? You might have to re-add your blogs, I wish there were an easier way...maybe someone else knows of one??? Take care Sydney!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness! That looks so painful... but hopefully, it's healing well and you can get on with relaxing this summer!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad


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