Fun, Followers, & Giveaways!

I hope everyone had a Magnificent Monday. It is just hot beyond hot here in the south. I think it's like that almost anywhere in the country, although my brother who lives in Alaska loves to point out that it is not hot there (we are keeping track of the fires though).

Let's get this day rolling...
Anyone up for reading by the pool? On a float in the pool? I've got a book for you - The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller.
Lots of the authors from TBA will be hosting this read along beginning on June 27th. You've got plenty of time. Thinking of Teaching is the brains behind this operation who pulled this all together.
She'll be participating and leading everything. Jennifer from Rowdy in 1st and myself are hosting the first week with the Introduction and Chapter 1. 

So come on, you've got plenty of time! Join our read along and book club. 

As long as we are listing off other's blogs, I am sure you know of Ladybug's Teacher Files. She's one of the ones who got me going. She has some amazing technology tips for adding numbers to your comments, flair to your comments, and even shadows to your pictures. I've tried them all this morning. I am not so sure on the shadows because it even added a shadow to my signature. Thoughts? We'll see. You should try some of her tutorials. 

Now here's a blog that is relatively new, she's already reached 100 followers, has a giveaway going on NOW, but more importantly is an amazing resource, so definitely go Step into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons

(I learned about her from our own Miss Kindergarten - who I think is just fabulous)

And, finally, if you hadn't noticed - I reached over 100 followers this past weekend. That in and of itself is unreal to me. I know others have a lot more, but I appreciate that it's taken three months and it's been slow and steady. Hopefully those of you who follow come to read.  So yes, it has not gone unnoticed and I will show some more love a little later in the week. Stay tuned...and thanks!

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  1. I think you are fabulous too! I am on the look-out for a rocking chair this summer!! Thanks for your great ideas :)

    Miss Kindergarten


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