Currently, I'm not that tired. I could keep going on the computer for a while. I know that if I do that I will have trouble waking up tomorrow and then I will be late to school and then I it will start one vicious, vicious cycle. It's kind of like that whole coulda, woulda, shoulda thing. Like, I should NOT have taken a nap this afternoon, then I wouldn't have a predicament at all. But, I think I took a nap to avoid cleaning (see my list, ref. 'wanting'). Also, please reference 'thinking' - the accolades I refer to are one from my previous blog post about being a Thank a Teacher nominee. The results come in tomorrow. I know people had a lot more votes than me, and I am not exactly sure how the judging works, but I am humbled either way. Today, I received another nomination. Look to your right on my sidebar. More about that to come. I couldn't resist linking up with Farley


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