I've Been Cut...

 in so many ways!

1. Twenty days ago the doctor cut into me - through my belly button. I missed the last 2 days of school before spring break (and of course, hence me being MIA in blog land). The surgery was planned. But lemme tell you something, I don't care how much you plan for surgery, you are never prepared. Everything comes down to the wire and down to the last minute. And you are never ever prepared for the recovery. I had been in pain for a while, so believe it or not, I was looking forward to the surgery and had given my doctor strict instructions that she was not to close me up until she found something (I wanted answers). Well she found it alright. She found endometriosis and scar tissue. I am not shy to talk about this, because I find that some people still don't know what this is and I urge you to educate yourself. Needless to say she found plenty, and where I should just have one incision in my belly button with stitches, I have two others and so a total of three locations of stitches holding me together. The recovery was gruesome, I've worn the same two maxi skirts with elastic waists to school for the past week. Cross your fingers stitches come out Friday. Of course, on top of my recovery I came down with a horrible sinus cold and cough, and this week has begun week three of that. Oh happy, happy joy, joy! I think I am on tissue box number 4!

2. If you have paid attention to any of my 'getting to know me' posts then you know that I was hired after the beginning of the school year (for the 2nd time in a row) and that does not guarantee me a contract for this coming school year. I knew that going into it, but of course it always hurts to hear it. I heard it about a week or two before my surgery and spring break. No matter how sympathetic my principal is, I still cried. I've been pretty positive about it ever since, but cut from a job again. Oh, teaching.

3. Cut from my followers. Where have they gone? Why is it blank over on my sidebar? I wish I knew. I wish I had the energy to figure it all out. With all the other aforementioned cuts, I'm already in my pajamas and in bed. Perhaps I'll give it a go another night. Stay tuned this week. I intend to make this week a series, for how I'm coping, growing up, staying positive and how I've been humored and enlightened. So much happens when we enter a new decade, I suppose...


  1. I hope you'll feel better soon.
    Thinking of you.

  2. I was afraid #2 was coming when I saw your title. I am thinking of you and hope you are getting your rest. Chin up, there is something new around the corner.

    Christi ツ
    Ms. Fultz’s Corner

  3. I got cut last year, but... again? Ugh. Feeling for you.

    I don't know why I'm not on your sidebar, but I'm still a follower!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  4. Sending you good thoughts...no scissors involved! And UGH about your followers widget! So frustrating!

  5. awwww Sydney. I am so sorry to hear about all the not so good things going on for you lately. I totally understand about turning 30... mine was in Feb too and it was not good. Not liking this age so far either. I don't know if you are a believer or not, but a verse that always helps me in times like this is Jeremiah 29:11. Praying for you!!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  6. you poor thing! i will be thinking of you!


  7. That stinks! We are having those same issues with our teachers here. The problem is, most of the ones who are in that boat are our best ones! Hoping it works out!
    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  8. Oh, Sydney, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this--all at the same time.
    I am sending you warm wishes and prayers for a quick recovery from this point.
    Prayers, also, for the opportunity to find a new job... you have a lot to offer--and your recovery will give you more strength to locate and take on new challenges.

    Good Luck, BlogFriend!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  9. I know this post is a few days old, but I just wanted to let you know, there are still people out there who read and care about fellow teachers like you! Virtual hug! I'm not sure about my job next year too...I'm a title 1 teacher and as much as I love it, I yearn for my own classroom and in cleveland, they're laying off over 500 teachers...it just makes me sick to my stomach and want to cry. I suppose we have to keep praying and believing. :) Stay positive (and I'll try too!)


  10. I don't know if you figured out the problem with your followers but I keep on reading your post and it means I am still a follower.

    Get Better Soon!
    Enjoy Teaching English


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