I've Been Blessed, take two

 As I said in my previous post, stay tuned for this year's updated version of my revised poem, "I am a Teacher." Interspersed throughout is feedback just filled out today from my 4th grade after-school students. 

I am a teacher. 

I have made it my mission to see that every child in my path feels loved and cared for. 

I am a teacher.
Some days are harder than others.
Some children come from broken homes.
Some children know what it means to do without food.
Some children know what it means to not have a fresh bed in which to sleep.
Some children bring these troubles to school.

I am a teacher.
I provide warmth.
I provide friendly smiles.
I provide a kind environment. 

I am their teacher.
I am their teacher who expects nothing but their best, and accepts nothing less.
When they enter my room, their world changes and dreams appear.
I am their teacher who makes them believe that things are possible.
If they practice, they can do it – they can succeed.
I am their teacher who will sit with them in times of struggle and celebrate with them over small victory.
I will high-five them for knowing sight words, and salute them for accomplishments.
I am their teacher who has taught them to never, ever give up.
I am their role model. 

I am a teacher.
I am a teacher in the midst of never ending cut backs
I am a teacher who does not know what the future holds.
I am a teacher who will not surrender, because I love my students and my job.
I am teacher who feels a difference being made through each hug and smile.
I AM a teacher –
 who believes.


  1. Love...the survey answers and revised I Am a Teacher.
    You are a writer and should get your stories published.

  2. I heart this! Thanks so much for sharing.

    I am a new follower. I found your blog through TBA.


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