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I've been tagged by the ever so sweet Mrs. Parker. How fun!

The Rules:
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2) Post 12 things about yourself
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12 Things About Me: 
1. I'll be 30 in 12 days! I can't decide if I am excited or not, but I think I am ready to say goodbye to my 20s
2. I have two older brothers and I think having brothers is awesome. They totally broke my parents in for me. Plus, they are very handy when I need them to be. 
3. I knit (very slowly--projects take me forever)
4. I love to bake. Seriously. One of my Chanukah presents was a cupcake carrier and I loved it!
5. I miss New York City - not to live there but I do miss it. 
6. I love the beach but the beach and sun don't love me (I guess that is what I get for having red hair and freckles!). It's such a catch 22. 
7. I think being an aunt may be one of the greatest privileges EVER!
8. I have a memory like nobody's business. My family jokes that I have a computer chip in my brain. The details and events I remember are ridiculous. My dad always says "If you say so, I'm certainly not questioning your memory!"
9. I am a procrastinator. (I think Tamara and Leslie at TBA have figured that out and it drives them NUTS.) But, I have a sign that reads "Don't rush me, I'm waiting for the last minute!" My dad got it for me when I went to college. 
10. In another life I was meant to be a professional organizer or an interior decorator. 
11. Seriously, sometimes my organization takes an OCD form, which is weird because I totally have crafting and cleaning ADD. 
12. I recently started selling Stella & Dot and my wardrobe has never been better or received so many compliments. 

1.   What is your favorite outfit to wear to school?
My favorite outfit would have to be loose pants (like flowy), shirt, cardigan (always a cardigan that's long with pockets) and flats. I also like tights, shirt dress, and boots. 
2.   Would you rather cook or go out to eat? Why?
Hmm, this is hard. I like to cook, but sometimes just don't have the energy. But tonight my crock pot was ready and waiting for me. I like to eat out sometimes, but the funding is always an issue.  
3.   Do you have a favorite blog post?
4.   Do you read blogs before school?
I try to read some if they have updated overnight (all those west coasters) but I follow way too many to read them all. 
5.   What do you love most about the school you teach at?
I love the population I teach. My kids are low-socioeconomic status and 69% Hispanic. My kids truly appreciate items that we take for granted. Some of their home lives make me want to take them home with me!
6.   How long is your commute?
My commute is 20-25 minutes and it is against traffic both ways. 
7.   What is one area you would like to improve in your teaching?
Ironically, for being an English major, I would like to improve my reading and writing teaching. 
8.   Are you a morning person? Or night owl?
Both kind of. Once I'm up, I'm up. I can stay up at night if I get going on something. 
9.   What is your favorite day of the week?
My favorite day of the week is maybe Saturday. I have the whole day off to relax and I still don't have to be anywhere specific the next morning. 
10. Is teaching your first or second career?
Teaching is my second career. I worked in book publishing at Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins for two years. 
11.  How tall are you?
On a good day I am a short 5'7. But otherwise, I'm 5'6. ;)
12.  Do you have a color scheme for your class? 
Yes - my colors are blue (like bright blue), teal, and lime green. I tried to keep it gender neutral, not too overwhelming, but nice to be in. I don't have my own room this year and I miss it. I used to get told how cute and 
homey my trailer was!

I'm tagging: 

My questions for these bloggers are:
1. How long have you been teaching?
2. Have you taught at the same school the whole time?
3. Do you like to travel? Where?
4. How early do you get to school? OR How late do you stay?
5. Why do you like blogging?
6. Mac or PC?
7. Do you use any drawing programs on your computer?
8. Do you like to make photobooks? How do you store your memories?
9. Plants - do you have them, can you keep them alive?
10. If you could go to one event over the weekend, what would it be?
11. Do you make your bed every morning?
12. Do you refill your car with gas the minute the light comes on, or do you press your luck?


  1. Haha! I've been tagged too many times to count, but I can't get around to posting so people keep running after me!! I like your questions though, maybe I'll actually answer them!

  2. I am in the last few months of my 30s. It has been a much better decade than my 20s. I think you may agree. I can't wait to look at the Stella and Dot line. Like you, I wish I cooked more but I am too tired some days.

  3. I'm soo late to this tagging but I'm promise this week I will get around to it! :) Thanks for tagging me!


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