Five for Friday

Where'd spring break go?! Where'd winter go?! I haven't blogged all winter - but we've been busy in my 2nd grade room. I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week and then I'll continue to catch everyone up.

It's been nice to be on spring break, but it will be a tad easier knowing I have some sweet students. Right before we got out one brought me this sweet piece of happy. 

My brother who works  for Georgia Power was able to come do a presentation for 2nd grade about electricity. They loved it!

Since I am on break, I am allowed an indulgence or two. Have any of you seen or tried these? If not, you should!

Though, if eating healthy is your thing - you could also try this: 

Yep, I actually drink that. I must say, I can't believe I do. But they don't taste that bad. Check this out this website, Simple Green Smoothies

Last but not least, it is Autism Awareness month and I LOVE my items from Stella & Dot. The proceeds benefit the HollyRod Foundation. Aren't they cute?!

Check back soon to see what else we've been up to. 

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