13 in '13

I look forward to this Linky party every year. So without further ado: 

13. Favorite article of clothing:

My Lizzy zip up sweatshirt from Evy's Tree. I actually have two other sweatshirts from her as well. A lot of her items are now sold out, but her spring items are supposed to become available in January. I could live in them. They are so unbelievably soft. 

12. Favorite movie you watched:

The sad thing is that I cannot even remember going to any movies this past year (oh, I did think of one from this past spring - The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy) - 
two weeks ago I took my nieces to see Frozen (cute) and last night I saw Philomena (very good). 

11. Favorite TV series:

My friend got me into this show, and Schmidt absolutely cracks me up. 

My other show is Parenthood. I took a step back from it last season, but I am a big Joel and Julia fan. 

10. Favorite restaurant:

I don't have a favorite restaurant because my appetite comes and goes like nobody's business due to medication. I just eat when I'm hungry. One of the places I have tried this past year, and I am fortunate enough to have one in walking distance from me, is called Farm Burger. 

9. Favorite new thing you tried:

Chopping all of my hair off! I've done this before from time to time, but it had been about three years or so since I had done it to this magnitude. Towards the end of September I just really needed something that was going to make my life a little bit easier. Everything else had been so stressful, I needed a timesaver. Knowing I had the appointment scheduled, I just told K to go for it. She normally doesn't like to because she knows I always try to let my hair get long and never wind up making it, but we did it and everyone loved it. It's already grown out so we'll see what happens next. 

8. Favorite gift you got:

In my family we don't do huge gifts. We never have. If there is something we absolutely need throughout the year, we find a way to make it happen (like my car down below). My mom still asks for wish lists and sometimes I give her one and sometimes I don't. The truth is, there is nothing I need. Chanukah this past year was right at Thanksgiving. A lot of places were having mattress sales, so I happened to start looking (it seemed only right since I had had the same full size mattress since graduating college and moving to NYC 10 years ago). I kinda decided it was time to grow up. So with a little contribution towards a new mattress, I am proud to say I now sleep on a queen size pillow top.

7. Favorite thing you pinned:

I love this quote from Amy Poehler because of all it entails. It is everything I have learned about myself as an educator and person in the past year. Ever since this past January I allowed myself to open up to the idea of coaching and collaboration. Everything that has come after has made me and my days better. I have become a better teacher. I have gained an amazing and true friend. Best of all, I am continually challenged. There is no greater gift. 

6. Favorite blog post:

I couldn't decide between two. The one above I wrote for myself and my friend. I grew a lot last year and this speaks to that. 
The below is about my journey as a teacher and also how I had grown to where I was then. They were both written last school year. I wish I had known then how much I would miss what I had. Those were the good days - in both posts. 

5. Best accomplishment:

Going back to number 7, when my friend L and I began collaborating, we began teaching Science and Social Studies Fridays. For any of you who may have paid attention to the few blog posts I have written this school year, she and I are no longer allowed to work together this year (I feel the need to clarify - she coaches the upper grade levels and things have gotten strict, so our time has been limited). Likewise, in the beginning of the year I was also not given permission to continue with Science and Social Studies Fridays. Again, towards the end of September I went an pleaded my case. I was given a few days to prepare and do one completely on my own (which I knew I could do, though I hadn't in quite a while, let alone at all with this group of students). Despite getting slightly sick towards the end of the day sue to nerves and stress, I did it - and well. I've been allowed ever since to continue doing it and I am so glad!

4. Favorite picture:

This is me - fun and unfiltered. My friend and I had walked 5 miles on a nice spring afternoon and then decided we had earned a Krispy Kreme donut - that one was cookies n' creme filled. 

3. Favorite memory:

The above is professionally, from one of my students at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. That class was truly amazing and I still miss them dearly. 

Below is personally, my first huge purchase of my adult life - a brand new car. I had been driving my mom's old 2002 Acura MDX since I had moved back from NYC. While it had done it's job well for 11 years, the transmission was beginning to go and we would be putting more money into it than it was worth. I picked out a very pretty 2013 Honda CRV. People still tell me she smells brand new, though I don't smell it. I absolutely love her. 

2. Goal for 2014:

Budget. Budget better!

1. One Little Word:

12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. It's a long time. A lot can happen. I used to have the greatest memory. I used to remember everything. Now, even writing this post was difficult. I couldn't remember what movies I had seen, what blog posts I had written. What I do remember are the times that were a little bit hard and the times that were a lot of fun. I remember the people who were there for all of it - the ugly cries, the loud laughter, the coffee, just silent for a minute, the dinners, the occasional hug. 
I don't remember it all. But I'm going to trust in the process, and trust in the people who accept me just as I am. 


  1. Love you Syndey! Your comment on my post made me smile :) Happy Holidays!!


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