And so yesterday my summer officially began. 

I baked for my coworkers on the last day of school

thank you note from a student on the last day of school

Let's step back: May 22nd was my students' last day of school. May 23rd was post-planning. May 24th you only had to go if you had not finished everything. I had. I had finished moving my classroom, but I had an IEP for a student - a 3 hour IEP. On Saturday, May 25th I left on a 14 hour drive to Philadelphia with a coworker. She moved there and I went along for the ride to help. We did the drive in one day with her fiance following behind in a Budget truck. Between moving classrooms, moving her, and a 14 hour drive. I was beyond sore. I stayed through Wednesday.

Now that's a Philly Cheesesteak!

Thursday morning I returned to school for preplanning of summer school. I taught 3rd graders who did not pass our state test. From June 10th - July 3rd I drilled it into them. The hours were rough - starting for me at 6:30 in the morning, and the kids getting there at 7:00. Fortunately the administrators and small group of teachers we had doing it was a fun group. By the end my data looked great. My AP told me I did a good job (never did summer school before). I remember walking out the door on Wednesday. My principal said thank you and "don't come back before you have to." I laughed and thought 'I really love her!'

How many principals give handwritten notes?!

Right after July 4th, the county sent out an email to our staff telling us our principal was leaving. She was going to another school. I was so sad. She was the first principal to give me a chance 3 years ago, after years of defeat, after coming so close to giving up. As of now we have an interim principal. I don't know what's in store for me and my school this year. I know that I am not a fan of change. I never have been, and I probably never will be. I am a creature of habit. I think that is why I like teaching, I like the schedule and the daily routine. 

What I do know is that I have my class list of 27 second graders for the fall (you heard me correctly, 27!). I know I am going to get started setting up my room tomorrow (some summer break). I know that no matter what happens with my administration, I am there for the kids - which is what the note at the beginning of this post reminds me of. I guess it's time to face some changes but maybe after just a tad more summer relaxation (if the rain stops). 

Lessons Learned:
nothing is forever, things do change
make the most of them
make yourself proud, don't do it for anyone else
you're not in it for your coworkers or administrators, or even for praise
it is ALWAYS about the kids

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