12 in '12

I may be the last to the party but once again I am linking up with Hadar and Kristin.

 12. Favorite movie you watched:
I don't make it to the movies often, but being that time of year, my parents and I and make a thing of it, and we just saw both of these and liked them a lot in their own way: 

and I have to throw this in there because it totally brought back college memories and I took the kids I babysit to see it and we LOVED it! 

11. Favorite TV series:
again, with last year, I have to say I am a sucker for SVU marathons, other than that it is Revenge and General Hospital all the way!

10. Favorite restaurant:
this is hard. I don't eat out often on my own dime...I'm just going to say San Francisco. I didn't have a bad meal there. 
look at the counter displays, even the food court:

9. Favorite new thing you tried:
My dad and I took a cooking class and it was so much fun. Look at all the sushi I made!

8. Favorite gift you got:
turning 30 last February surrounded by longtime friends and family, and my niece!

7. Favorite thing you pinned:

6. Favorite blog post:
this post helped me get a lot out and got a comment back from Kimberly McCullough!
but I also loved this post: 

5. Best accomplishment:
biking across The Golden Gate Bridge on its 75th Anniversary Year

4. Favorite picture:

I took this picture all by myself and received compliments from my brothers (older brothers, which in the world of older brothers is like the highest of high compliments)

3. Favorite memory:
July 20th - the birth of a brand new niece and being hired for a teaching job within hours of each other. My dad's face says it all about his girls!

2. Goal for 2013:
debt free or at least LESS debt

1. One Little Word:

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