Have You Seen This? (Freebie)

 I hope you have been feeling appreciated this week. Myself and other authors from TBA are trying to spread the appreciation all month long. The other day I posted this idea.

Here's another one that you may have seen on Pinterest, I know I did:
                                                                         Source: makingitteacher.com via Sydney on Pinterest

Well, guess where you can get it?! Right here at Making It As A Middle School Teacher. Didn't Michelle do a great job?! I think so! Go show her some love. 


That Little Extra (freebie for you)!

 Last year I made these cute little labels to put on a pack of Extra gum for all of my teammates who I teach with. I was trying to think of a little something different to do and then my PTA beat me to it. In our box today was a cutely packaged pack of Extra gum with this taped to it: 

The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is that little EXTRA. Thanks for all you do! 

So, I went ahead and whipped up these labels for you in case you want a quick and easy little gift to make some people you work with feel a little "extra" special this week. :) Stay tuned for more Teacher Appreciation from some amazing bloggers through the weeks to come. 

I personally like these new little kraft labels by Martha Stewart than can be found at Staples: 

but of course, the best part is, the template for them is the same as a regular Avery label! Enjoy and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.  Tomorrow, be sure to visit Making It As A Middle School Teacher for her post!

That Little Extra


Currently, I'm not that tired. I could keep going on the computer for a while. I know that if I do that I will have trouble waking up tomorrow and then I will be late to school and then I it will start one vicious, vicious cycle. It's kind of like that whole coulda, woulda, shoulda thing. Like, I should NOT have taken a nap this afternoon, then I wouldn't have a predicament at all. But, I think I took a nap to avoid cleaning (see my list, ref. 'wanting'). Also, please reference 'thinking' - the accolades I refer to are one from my previous blog post about being a Thank a Teacher nominee. The results come in tomorrow. I know people had a lot more votes than me, and I am not exactly sure how the judging works, but I am humbled either way. Today, I received another nomination. Look to your right on my sidebar. More about that to come. I couldn't resist linking up with Farley


Meeting Ron Clark is a Dream Come True! + I Need Your Help

 It happened. Wednesday night was the night. A couple of weeks ago my sent me this e-mail - 'Novel Book Exchange' - yippee, I sarcastically thought. In fairness to my mom, she was right. I like books (Obviously, I used to work in publishing as we all know). But, come on, people - we're down to the very end of school here. These weeks run me ragged - we're talking field days, ironing on t-shirts for 100s of kids, Kindergarten registration until 6 at night. Spring Fever if you will. Plus, I live in Atlanta. It's 90 degrees on May 1st. The heat is enough to kill ya. I'm beat. But then I kept reading...with Ron Clark. Done. Sold. I mean, the event was at a high school that I had grown up near. I was in. Do you know how long I had wanted to hear this man speak, let alone see him in person?!

Let me tell you, it was everything it was cracked up to be. He is so animated when he speaks, so inspiring, and so funny. I laughed from the moment he began until he ended a little over an hour later. Oh, and then I made my beeline to be number 4 in line to get him to sign my books. Plus, my mom was there to take my picture with him. I was on cloud nine! 

I got home late that night, fortunately my reprieve was that I did not have to be at school until 10 a.m. since I was going to be working Kindergarten registration until at 6 p.m. I woke up Thursday morning to an email letting me know I had been nominated for the Thank a Teacher contest sponsored by Promethean and The Ron Clark Academy. 
Here is the link: 

I need YOUR help. Please vote by "liking" MY picture, not the album itself, and making a comment. Voting ends May 7th at 12 a.m. This honor means so much and your support means even more. Thanks so very much. 

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