Have You Thanked a Teacher Lately?

I hope you all felt the love an appreciation yesterday, and all week/month through. We are down to the last 10 days of school and I have a lot of appreciating to do. This is not a job we do alone and we don't get by on own. It is without a doubt all the other people who come in throughout the day and work with our kids, and more importantly work with us as teachers. They never give up on us and they make us better at our jobs. Yet because they are the "helpers" or the "coaches" in our building they often don't get the credit they deserve. We can't forget about them. I've got some of these up my sleeves. 

I adore these printables from eighteen25

I am so sorry I cannot remember the source of these. I found them on pinterest after a source of teacher appreciation. I love that they are filled with gummy worms. So easy!

How adorable is this?!

This is so fun. You could always add a gift certificate for a mani/pedi if you really know the person.

I love these because I love mason jars:

 I found this adorable letter you can put together over at little wonders days
Dear Ms.________,
It's been a (insert ruler)long year, but by our (insert calculator) calculations, it's been a great one!  You've given us the (insert pencils)"write" stuff to make our (insert markers) mark in 3rd grade.  There are too many things to (insert highlighter) highlight from our wonderful year, but they made a (insert Sharpie) permanent mark on us that can't be (insert eraser) erased.  We wish we could (insert glue stick) stick with you forever!

Thank you for (insert crayons) coloring our world this year!

Your Smarties (insert bag of Smarties)

Hope you found some inspiration for your co-workers. We don't say thank you to each other nearly enough.

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