Gone, Gone, Gone (the one in pictures with a reveal)

And so gone is summer, and preplanning, and even the first week of school. That's right, week one - down! It's in a haze for me. A lot of what I knew is gone. My administration is new, my room is new, the rules are new. Everything. I've woken up every morning feeling sick to my stomach. I'm fine once I get to school. My kids are sweet and cute. I know there's still a lot to do in my room, but I'll leave you with what I have:

  So this is how it all started out a few days before preplanning when I was told I could get into my room but alas, they forgot and hadn't cleaned my carpets yet, so they were trying to do that in a mad dash, hence the huge fan. 

trying to lay out a few desks - but where to put 27?!

It was easier to focus on decorating - my word wall, which several other teachers have now copied and made their own. So cute! My famous rocking chair. My library that still needs labeling.

My baskets and helper board (its the side of my filing cabinet, which I took as the biggest compliment when my friend told me she forgot it was a filing cabinet) - the jobs are on glasses of milk, and their names are on choc. chip cookies. My math units are organized in tubs above the cabinets. 

My awesome alphabet from Kristen @ ladybugteacherfiles!

My little corner of the world, which I will have to take some better pics of because I have some more of Kristen's great labels over there. All of my coworkers have asked me about that great wooden shelf - if anyone remembers me talking about my awesome coworker/coach friend from last year - it's hers. They tell us not to move furniture without them doing it, but shhh, she wanted some stuff of mine and vice versa so we traded. I think my saving grace this year is that she now only two doors down from me. 

And right when they come in the door, my pennant banner I have had since my first year, "Ms. Cohn's smart scoops!" and some of my favorite motivational quotes. 

Lessons Learned:
We all need someone to catch us and put us on our feet
There will always be uncertainty
Close your door and TEACH - teach your heart out
On the first day of school - get 'em fed and get 'em home <-- an email from a former AP
Have a friend who will make you leave on time. You need people like that! 

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